Masking Indians History – New Orleans

The gang at Siren Media Marketing are in New Orleans to set up a location and mix in with the locals to enjoy the amazing New Orleans culture and some of its traditions.

One of those traditions falls at the end of Mardi Gras every year. It’s called Super Sunday. It is something that we can describe, but you really have to experience. We have included the History for this occasion below,  along with some photos and video, but if you can, it is a great thing to come and see for yourself. The entire Mardi Gras season is a lot of fun. and if you can stay for this Super Sunday event you really should try.

Mardi Gras Indians are black carnival revelers in New Orleans, Louisiana, who dress up for Mardi Gras in suits influenced by Native American ceremonial apparel. Collectively, their organizations are called “tribes”. There are over 40 tribes. They range in size from half a dozen to several dozen members. Wikipedia

The Mardi Gras Indians named themselves after native Indians to pay them respect for their assistance in escaping the tyranny of slavery. It was often local Indians who accepted slaves into their society when they made a break for freedom. They have never forgotten this support.

Mardi Gras is full of secrets, and the Mardi Gras Indians are as much a part of that secrecy as any other carnival organization. Their parade dates, times and routes are never published in advance, although they do tend to gather in the same areas every year.

The Mardi Gras Indians are comprised, in large part, of the African-American communities of New Orleans’s inner city. While these Indians have paraded for well over a century, their parade is perhaps the least recognized Mardi Gras tradition.

Here is Louis Armstrong Park near Congo Square stands statue in remembrance.

“Chief Allison Marcel Montana,” a New Orleans cultural icon. For over 50 years he acted as the Mardi Gras Indian “chief of chiefs” Tootie, Big Chief of the Yellow Pocahontas Tribe

Siren Media Marketing

Chief Allison Marcel Montana statue in Louis Armstong Park 

The story goes that Carnival was a bloody time for the Indians. Mardi Gras was the time that the Indians from different areas would battle between each other to settle a score.

The Indians seeking revenge would dress as a woman, so they could then blend into the crowd during Carnival, approach the person they are seeking revenge on and attack them in the middle of Carnival.

Now that the tradition and practice for the Indians to compare their tribal song, dance, and dress with other tribes The bloody battles grew weary to Tootie, he was outraged by the violence that the Mardi Gras Indians would present to the public and towards each other, and he spoke out convincing the Indian gangs.

What was once a violent and bloody experience was transformed into a positive peaceful event through music and dance and costumes.

This gained respect for the Indians by transforming the violence that the Indians were known for into a peaceful gathering of beautiful handmade costumes during Mardi Gras

Now it was about their presentation skills of the costumes they had worked on. It was now about who had the prettiest suit. The term prettiest would be the highest compliment that could be paid during these events.

It was said the “Chief Allison Marcel Montana,” was the first to say “Stop fighting with your guns and begin fighting with your suits.”[

The good news is Mardi Gras day is no longer a day to “settle scores” among the Mardi Gras Indians. Now that the tradition and practice for the Indians to compare their tribal song, dance and dress with other tribes as they meet that day, violence is a thing of the past. The Mardi Gras Indian has invested thousands of hours and dollars in the creation of his suit, and will not run the risk of ruining it in a fight. This tradition, rich with folk art and history, is now appreciated by museums and historical societies around the world. It is a remarkable and welcome change from the past.

Siren Media Marketing

Masking Indians Super Sunday

Masking Indians Super Sunday for Siren Media Marketing Blog

Masking Indians Super Sunday

Masking Indians Super Sunday for Siren Media Marketing Blog

Masking Indians

Masking Indians Super Sunday for Siren Media Marketing Blog

Masking Indians

Masking Indians Super Sunday for Siren Media Marketing Blog

Masking Indians

Masking Indians Super Sunday for Siren Media Marketing Blog

Masking Indians

The Procession of the Indians

As told by Larry Bannock

“The Spy Boy is first in the front: he is the baddest of all the Indians… he is ahead looking for trouble. Only a chosen few can be Spy Boy. It’s his job to send a signal to First Flag when he sees other Indians. First Flag signals back down the line to Big Chief. Big Chief has a stick that controls the Indians. When he hits the ground with the stick, they better get down and bow to the Chief.” – Larry Bannock

 On Mardi Gras Day, if you’re lucky enough to see some of the Mardi Gras Indians, the first Indian you’re likely to see is the Spy Boy. His job places him ahead of the Big Chief’s procession. Each Spy Boy has a method to signal potential trouble or approaching rival Indian tribes… with dancing, whooping, hollering, and hand language. His observations are communicated to the Big Chief who, in return, sends a set of directions and instructions back down the parade procession.

 It is through this elaborate system of dances, whoops, flags and hand signals that the Big Chief is able to direct a progression multiple streets long… even though he is far away from the front of the parade. This communication network is important, as it allows the Big Chief time to adjust his suit, don his headdress, and prepare a song for an impending meeting with a rival tribe. Marching the streets on Mardi Gras Day on the way to meet other Indian tribes is a tribe’s opportunity to have an entire year’s worth of artistic effort appraised by an opponent artist.

 “The route on Mardi Gras is always secret. Nobody knows where anybody’s gonna be… that’s why Spy Boy is ahead and looking for Indians. If he sights a gang, he tells Flag Boy that a gang is on its way.”

 The Flag Boy is the next ranking Indian. It is he who carries the “gang flag” – a huge staff decorated with feathers (seen on left) and the gang symbol. Generally, Flag Boys are a block or two behind Spy Boys, and at least a block ahead of the Big Chief. Their responsibility is to pass along Spy Boy’s information to the Big Chief and return the Big Chief’s response back to the Spy Boy. By raising his gang flag high in the air and using prearranged signals, the Flag Boy is able to keep the Big Chief and Spy Boy in direct communication. This allows the Big Chief control over the direction of the route his tribe will take. As mentioned, the progression can be many streets long. “Second Liners” are always present between the ranking Indians. They are usually not costumed but provide much entertainment as they follow along dancing, singing, beating drums and playing tambourines.

 If you are lucky enough to catch the meeting of the Uptown and a Downtown Indians on Super Sunday it is something to experience.


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Crescent City and My Palm Beaches want you!

Looking for contributors/bloggers for our online/print magazines “Crescent City Magazine and “My Palm Beaches Magazine,”
Crescent Cty and My Palm Beaches Magazines

Crescent Cty and My Palm Beaches Magazines

Thank you for your interest in our online/print magazine. Please be patient as we have had a ton of response, and we are sifting through all. If you missed the first round please feel free to send your stuff to us we are always looking for a new perspective to expand our horizons.
As we previously advertised, this is an unpaid position with a chance to Increase your reach, build credibility, and gain experience. We are expanding and always looking for new voices. Some of these assignments are remote and some will require attending events.
Here is our previous post.
Looking for contributors/bloggers for the online/print magazine, College students are welcome.
You will contribute your voice to the subjects we talk about in our magazines.
Arts, Culture, Lifestyle, Sports, Food, Music, Health and Wellness, Dance, Travel and more, or maybe you have something else relevant to bring to the table.
Whether it is edgy, poignant, and positive we need voices.
We will require some to interview people for our features in the magazine.
You will be required to meet the deadlines.
We may also require you to attend certain events as a representative for the magazine.
If you have the ability to engage, educate, and entertain people with informative content we need people for ongoing columns in the magazine.

In particular Real Estate, Foodie, Fitness
We are looking for photographers and storytellers this could be your platform.
This is for serious inquiries only. If you are interested, simply send us an email with a link to what you are doing or attach a sample of your work for us to see.
The areas of particular interest are Louisiana, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.
But if you have something to say and want to contribute from other areas of the world, please do not hesitate to contact us.
contact us through the email on the websites, please.
Crescent City Magazine
My Palm Beaches Magazine

Contact Maria
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New Orleans!!!

siren media marketing

We are in New Orleans for some advertising and marketing for a client. The next couple of blogs will be about this great city and the rich culture it offers.
We just happen to be here for the season of Mardi Gras, and yes it is more than just that one Day, which this year falls on March 5th.
The first installment is about a food tradition called King Cake. The following will give you an idea of the culture attached and how serious this is to the people of New Orleans at this time of year. We hope you enjoy reading these upcoming blogs as much as we enjoyed experiencing this beautiful city. The first installment.

King Cake is only eaten during Mardi Gras.
Available only during the Mardi Gras season, king cake is typically made with brioche dough. Braided and laced with cinnamon, the dough is then glazed with purple, green and gold sugar or covered in icing in those same Mardi Gras colors. What really sets king cake apart from other desserts, however, is the small plastic baby hidden inside. Whoever finds the baby in his or her slice must buy the next cake or perhaps host the next party.
Today, the baby symbolizes luck and prosperity to whoever finds it in a slice of cake. That person is also responsible for purchasing next year’s cake, or for throwing the next Mardi Gras party. In some traditions, the finder of the baby is designated “king” or “queen” for the evening too
Some king cakes are made of sweet brioche dough in the shape of a hollow circle with a glazed topping sprinkled with colored sugar. Hundreds of thousands of king cakes are eaten in New Orleans during the Carnival season. In other countries, king cakes are made with a puff pastry, filled with one of several fillings (e.g., almond, apple, chocolate/pear, etc.), and have a small figurine hidden, called a fève, (bean) inside. The figurine changes from bakery to bakery and can have a variety of themes.
The suggestion for King Cake is to bypass the grocery stores and get a freshly baked one. And believe me after trying some of the freshly baked ones, there is no comparison.

This is a New Orleans favorite Bakery for King Cake

King Cake baby banned from Facebook due to Nudity? Truth is stranger than fiction.
Here is the story


It’s Mardi Gras Time!!

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Snoop Dogg is Smooove

Klarna, the Swedish financial technology giant valued at $2.5 billion last year, has a new addition to its shareholder

siren media marketing

smoooth campaign

Rapper Snoop Doggy Dog, otherwise known as Mr. Calvin Broadus, So as of today Klarna has made him a shareholder, minority shareholder that is.  offering to front with a buy-now-pay-later service at 100,000 retailers across the U.S. and Europe.

He also the face for Get Smoooth’ the name of their global campaign,


Smooth Snoop Dogg

pushing his “California laid back and smooth persona marketing in adverts where he is  partying with Afghan Hounds – We would have thought more along the lines of Dobermans, but that has been done by him before,  but so has the mansion thing. Now spreading gold peanut butter?  That’s new. In any case this Rapping Multi-Millionaire is about to set it off. ..again. Snoop Dogg has shown that not only is he a adept rapper but he is a smoooth business man. Gameshows, Martha Stewart and now this? Along with start up investments. We should all sit up and take notice. Watch and learn.

Social Media is Virtually Word Of Mouth…Tell 2 Friends..

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1 incredible performance

Katelyn Ohashi is making the rounds with her incredible performance

One Incredible Performance

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Eggs are going viral….again

Humpty Dumpty didn’t make it according to this photo

siren media marketing



via Eggs are going viral….again

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Siren Media Marketing in The Big Easy

Hello! It has been a while! First I want to say Thank you for all the congrats on our Job Anniversary. It’s a small team that try to keep us going, on behalf of us, and before it gets too late in the year..Happy New Year!!! I hope your holidays were amazing and 2019 is even better for all of you.

We are in New Orleans for the next 6 weeks covering Mardi Gras. Doing promotions for some of the “Krewes” here. That’s what they are called. The first official set of parades was Sunday Night. We covered the “Joan of Arc ” Parade – it was her Birthday.

They really know how to party here. The big parade for Mardi Gras isn’t until the first week of March….We have to pace ourselves. Great City, We are also eating our way through this great city. And of course enjoying the Beignets (donuts) with our morning coffee. We will have to get on the treadmill when we get back of course. And of course my dentist going to love this…Not.

We drove here but the flights are super cheap to get here and the Airbnbs are to die for.

We are still working and cranking out whatever our clients need across the great USA, Canada, and the W.I. if you need us just email 


Beignets in The Big Easy

siren media marketing

A Beignet with your Sugar


Visit Siren Media Marketing online 


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Just for fun

It’s the New Year and a lot of people try different things to see what they can change for the new year. Some go to the gym to change the bodies. Some try new hair styles. We tried a new app that is a lot of fun.
Here are some before and after pics.

felisia hill



felisia hill arrested

Blondes have more fun

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Where to eat tonight

grilled shrimp and chicken


Visit us online

Crabman 305 Miami  is the man when it comes to whipping conch into any dish. There’s fried conch, snow crab, lobster with crab rice, shrimp, and your typical peas and rice, mac n cheese, & fried chicken or steak dinners.

More about us here

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Best Seafood – Crabman 305 Miami

Visit the world famous Crabman 305 Miami

via Best Seafood – Crabman 305 Miami

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