Siren Media Promotions and Productions


Social Media is virtually word of mouth


We are very excited to add Event Marketing Promotions and Productions to our list of services!

These are individually Crafted Services Custom Designed specifically for your event, your budget, your vision.

If you have an Event and you need to Advertise, Market and Promote we can help.

We offer Social Media and Print Services to get the word out and Broadcast your Event.

Online one-page web sites for your event: We can design a Landing page to collect your attendees information/ promote your party or event or whatever the need.

Virtual or Print flyers

Virtual: Custom craft an Email Blast to your list of invitees, Social Media Banners and  Social Posts for your event.

Custom Design and Print Mail outs we can do the leg work and more.

Digital and Print packages for your Special Event.


We offer Promotional products to help put your event in the hands of your attendees/party goers.  From Wearables to Giveaways

We are your Virtual Street Team


For a quote contact us. 




Social Media is Virtually Word of Mouth

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Facebook no more Misses nice guy.

Facebook Rules

A heads up for all you kiddies on FB that use “bait” to attract more likes. It was only a matter of time… You have no idea how much control FB has.

The incentives — such as “Share with friends to win a free trip” or “Like if you’re an Aries” — gets content shared through engagement, ultimately helping the post, and the Page owner/author, grow its reach as users interact and it shows up on their friends’ Newsfeeds.

Not so now. A new tweak to the Newsfeed algorithm will mean “stricter demotions” for Pages, and/or individuals, who adopt engagement bait tactics. Starting in a couple of weeks, offenders will have the total reach on all of their posts reduced if their content is begging or baiting users to interact. As you’d expect, serial offenders will be hit hardest.

But, Facebook is extending an olive branch and — initially, at least — engagement baiters can earn their original reach back with good behavior, i.e. less of the sludge and ‘better’ content all round.
originally published by techcrunch.

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Goodbye 2017

Memories of 2017 We have been so busy at Siren Media Marketing! We just want to say Thank you to all our clients.

The Siren Media Marketing Gang just want to wish you all the best for the coming year!

Let’s be Engaging, Entertaining because “Social Media is Virtually Word of Mouth.

We got you covered with Social Media Set up, Monitoring , Management and more. #specialevent marketing too!

If we haven’t worked with you this year to boost your Social Media we hope you will consider us for 2018. We are in the process of revamping our Website.

But you can reach out to us on Facebook   



We are always the last to get our stuff up to snuff because we are so busy working on your stuff and we love it.

That is the way is should be. We love what we do. Do what you love.

Some exciting new things coming for 2018 more fun, more interaction.


Social Media is Virtually Word of Mouth










And remember: If you have time to do your own Social Media you are doing something wrong.

You should be so busy with clients! Leave the Social to US!


Be Safe see you next year!


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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

boracay restaurant
siren media marketing

Plenty of seatying

This takes novelty marketing to a new level.  Foodie Fun ?

We want to fit the word “flush” in here as it seems appropriate…the pictures speak for themselves. There are no words, we will just let the visuals do the talking


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Summer Printing Specials A1A Print

Summer is right around the corner and that means Family Reunions, Summer Camp for the Kids, Teams, and Charity runs and more.

We honor 501c tax exempt.

call or email for your free quote.




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The morning after the night before

IV vitamin therapy spas have popped up all over the country. It is not a new therapy but sometimes it takes A-list celebrities partaking in vitamin drip treatments to bring it to the forefront.

What’s it all about? A certified practitioner administers a recovery infusion specifically for what ails you. The great thing is that they can come to you if you are just too wasted to come to their office.

There are a variety of treatment options, from boosting your energy for the Gym to recovery and rehydrating after a night out on the town.

IV Therapy can be the most efficient way to rehydrate and revitalize the body by infusing key vitamins straight into the blood stream. these treatments apparently alleviate tiredness, increase alertness, boost the immune system!
Now available in West Palm Beach!

Here is a list of treatment options at the Hydration Oasis.

Hydration Oasis

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5 of our Fav Throwback Thursday Holiday Ads

Throwback Thursday

Ways to please a lady…



What every woman wanted back then.

Siren Media Marketing

What every woman wants for Christmas


Siren Media Marketing

Look at those prices!

Siren Media Marketing

You know it’s really love now.


Siren Media Marketing

Santa Shame

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