Siren Media Marketing


Siren Media Marketing in conjunction with A1A Iradio Network, wants to help you Broadcast your Brand,
Get the word out about you worldwide.

A1A Iradio Network is now accepting submissions for unsigned original music.
If your music is chosen it will play on the a 24/7 internet radio station on the new unsigned stream channel.
A1A iradionetwork is picked up in over 60 countries and over 40 states.
After reading all the information and instructions if you have any additional questions please direct them to siren@sirenmediamarketing.com

Important info:

  1. *Anything with profanity will not be considered.
  2. Only the artists of the songs that get chosen for the station will be contacted.
  3. Due to the volume of submissions unfortunately, we cannot return the material that you submit back to you.


  1. Send your submissions in mp3 format only. with ID3 (Max 3 songs).
  2. The only place to submit your mp3s for consideration is by email.

Here is what you need to do: 

Click on this link to like Siren Media on Facebook

Click on this link to like A1Airadionetwork on Facebook

Send submissions to: artists@a1airadionetwork.com

If you want to check out the Network http://a1airadionetwork.com/
Pass this info on if you like. Thank you in advance and Good Luck

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