Not just for Celebrities and the Wealthy anymore

Not just for the Wealthy, but you will feel like you are a Celebrity.

I just wanted to introduce a great service that we at Siren Media Marketing came across.  “Urban Concierge“.

A Concierge is an assistant for hire used by people, and Corporate business. They are not just for celebrities and the wealthy anymore. But having one feels like such a luxury.

The Concierge concept is a little newer here in the U.S. and is more familiar across Europe. Slowly catching on more and more on this side of the world.

Residents and visitors here in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas of South Florida can now experience what was known as a luxury for the Elite and well to do, but now is quickly becoming an essential service to families, and Corporate business everywhere.

Some tasks need extra help either on a regular basis or just for a temporary project, or for the day. The concierge is perfect for that.

More and more people are finding that they don’t have the time to do everything on their daily lists, and for that reason a service like this is invaluable.

From running simple errands, to planning special events, making appointments, house sitting, walking your dog. A Concierge can handle it all and does.

Urban Concierge is a team of people who`s mission is to  make your life easier, so you can enjoy more of the things you want to by getting someone to handle the things you don’t want to.

There is a list on the website of services offered, and if your request isn’t listed just ask them. They also offer hourly, weekly,  and monthly packages.

Here is the website. They offer gift certificates as well. What a gift, to give back time to someone thru hiring one of the team from Urban Concierge West Palm Beach.

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