I may have to visit these

3 Exotic Locales for my next vacation

When I was in Dubai for work, I used to hear about people taking their vacation break in places I originally thought I would never go to visit. In the past, all these areas of the world have been in the news for some kind of unrest but things seem to have settled down now. And I am told they are very safe places to visit.

So after careful review I may have to think about it. I have friends that have visited all 3 on more than one occasion and they have assured me that these 3 areas of the world are clean, safe , and very affordable. Not to mention a little exotic.

The first one is Sri Lanka. Brief Geography and History:  Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) in Southern Asia surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean Sri Lanka, an island  is located to the south of the India .

It exports tea coffee, gemstones, coconuts, rubber and cinnamon. Sri Lanka has  the title “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.” The island is laden with lush tropical forests, beautiful sandy white beaches and diverse landscapes

whose history goes back over three thousand years.

There is a lot to read about Sri Lanka, and here is a Hotel a friend stayed in.  http://bit.ly/MPYN9i  and one that I kind of liked  http://bit.ly/srilankahotel .

All my hotel links I sourced from Jetsetter.com. I have pinned so many of their photos on Pinterest. http://bit.ly/sirenmediapinterest .

For more information, a really good source of  information on Sri Lanka: http://bit.ly/srilankasource .

Number 2 is Vietnam : Brief History and Geography;  Vietnam is one of  ten countries that make up Southeast Asia and is divided into 3 regions: North, Central, and South.

It is Bordered by Cambodia and Laos on the west,  China on the north, the Gulf of Tonkin to the northeast, the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, and the South China Sea to the east Vietnam has Sandy Beaches, and lush rainforests too.

Some Exports include: petroleum products,steel, fertilizer, electronics, machinery and equipment and one export you may be very familiar with SWAI fish. A very inexpensive Vietnamese catfish that is farm raised in Vietnam.

Here are 2 Vietnamese hotels I found that caught my eye. http://bit.ly/LyhxVh and   http://bit.ly/K2vfFK .

Finally number 3. Croatia.

Croatia is a Balkan country on the coast of Southeastern Europe and the Adriatic Sea. No wonder Croatia has reputation for killer Pasta, you can take a ferry ride across the water from Croatia to Italy.

Croatia has the longest coast of all of the countries in Southeastern Europe on the Adriatic, and hotels with killer views:   http://bit.ly/croatiahotel1  and  http://bit.ly/Croatiahotel2 .

Now let me qualify the above with this. I will definitely researching more before I travel. this was just a brief look at 3 places I am considering.

I still don’t know if I will ever go to any of these places, but it ‘s nice to dream…Do you think you would travel to these locales?

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