3 Dos and 6 Don’ts when it comes to Larry Bird.. or hands off the Twitter Bird !


Last week, after 6 years of Larry the Twitter bird being Chubby and cute they put Twitter bird on a diet.

This Bird comes with very clear set of copyright rules:


New and Improved Larry.

Larry Bird. A more sleek  universal version of itself as seen in this video promotion :

Well there is always someone to rock the boat:

Here’s a site where you can alter the bird to be almost unrecognizable and violate twitter bird. You can have your creative way with Twitter Bird. From changing direction, color, to a Batman. But nothing to change him back to the cute chubby little bluebird we came to know and love.


Some ugly attempts at spoofing Larry Bird. The Twitter Bird that is.

Accessible Twitter website icon
Accessible Twitter website icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Tweeting bird, derived from the initi...

Free twitter badge
Free twitter badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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