A1A IRadio Network

Internet Radio has become a huge part of life. What a convenience to be able to listen to our favorite music from our phones instead of having to carry an MP3 player. One of the best internet radio stations out there right now is called A1A IRadio Network. It`s called “Network“ because it has over 20 Genres of music to choose from. Gospel to Alternative. Oldies to Hits of today. Classical, Chill , House, and the list goes on. I cannot name them all here. Like I said there are over 20 different types of music. Continuous play. I listened and didn`t hear a repeat of any songs for about a week. That`s great. And I find it convenient to use the Free app on my phone. You can grab your free app from Google Play here.

The Best of your Favorite Music is just a click away

Unlike some other Internet stations where you have to program a list of what you want to hear, which is fine.

A1A IRadio Network has continuous  play with no commercials.

I like the idea of not knowing what is going to play next, a lot of times I hear something I haven`t heard in a long time or that I totally forgot about, and then I program that into my phone.

A1A IRadio Network. One of the best kept secrets in West Palm Beach Fl. Streaming out to 60 Countries and over 49 States.


Now they have T-shirts for $19.99 USD

A1A IRadio Network

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