4 Tips to Prolong the Life of your Mobile Batteries

For us here at Siren Media Marketing 24/7 seems more like 25/8 keeping up with the most relevant information for our clients takes a lot of work and a lot of it is done on the run. Our Smartphones and Tablets are our number one tools. It’s bad for business if our Tablets or Smartphones run out of juice on the road.

So efficient power management is key. Although we do carry extra batteries for all our devices, there are a number of ways to keep our smartphones and tablets up and running for a longer period of time during the work day.

Here are the top 3 tips that we have found useful:

1. USB Adapter for your Car.

One of the tools that you must have is a USB adapter for your Car, with that you can charge while driving. Just make sure you unplug your phone from the charger when is has fully charged, otherwise it could overheat and damage your phone battery. And when starting and turning off your car engine. Unplug your phone first.

2. Changing the settings on your Smartphone and Tablet devices:

Settings, Settings, Settings, can`t say that one enough. Change them.

Major battery drains are your Wi-Fi and GPS, Data retrieving from the internet where you have your settings for these services is very important, by optimizing these settings you can prolong the daily battery life.
Some email programs that automatically fetch, Google Maps, and GPS , If you don`t need these make sure they are off. They drain a lot of energy from your battery.

3. Apps to make your battery last longer:

There are a few out there.

You have to do your own research.These are only a couple of suggestions from some of us at Siren Media Marketing.d choose what works best for you.

Battery Magic for iphone :

 JuiceDefender for Android :

Juice Defender

Packed with features and fully customizable, JuiceDefender optimizes power consumption to give you extra hours of precious battery life.

4. Portable Rechargers: These are a great help. They come in a few different styles to fit your business or leisure needs. And are a great portable alternative to sitting in a coffee shop near the wall outlet to charge your Tablet or Phone battery.

The `Powerbag“ 

This comes in handy when you carry a number of devices, the Powerbag is a backpack that includes a built-in battery that can charge up to four mobile gadgets and laptops. Powerbags start at about $140. 

Solar backpacks.

They pick up energy from the sun as you go.

See Solar backpacks here 

Charge your gadget batteries with the sun
Solar Backpack
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