3 Great Google upgrades coming to a Mobile Device near you…introducing Google Now with Butter..

So here we are at Siren Media Marketing offices discussing this weeks announcements by Google about their upcoming upgrades. No specific dates have been officially given for these exciting new upgrades for your mobile devices yet. But the anticipation is palpable for all of us here who are gadget heads, and who function day-to-day through mobile devices. Everything is mobile and that which is not is moving in that direction. For our mobile convenience things are moving faster, and smoother making the transition to completely mobile more of a reality. The Smartphone is getting smarter…

Google announced some great upgrades and redesigns coming down the pipe for  your mobile devices.

This week Google introduced Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, Google Earth 3D and a new offline version of Google maps.

For Android, Google also announced Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean:

The Android upgrade brings faster, smoother voice search, and a list of other improvements.

Google earth and Google Maps includes 3 major changes,

1. A 3D version of Google Earth,

2.Google Maps is going offline

3. Google Maps is going 3D.

In San Francisco at the time of the presentation the availability for 3D Google Earth is presently limited to the cities listed below, with more to come.

Los Angeles
Long Beach
San Antonio
Santa Cruz
San Diego
San Francisco Bay Area

We have included some presentation videos.

Google maps –

Release dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

Related video : Nexus 7 Tablet

Talk about innovative hype:
Google had a group of skydivers  jump out of a blimp and parachute onto the roof of the building where the Google I/O was being held in San Francisco,the Moscone Center.  The divers were each wearing a pair of Google Glass networking glasses and video chatting on a Google+ Hangout.

We have covered a little about Jelly Bean. The link below offers a really good presentation we wanted to include.

Click Link to read about Jelly Bean Here

Thanks for reading, have a great day, and we at Siren Media Marketing Thank you for all of your comments. See you Friday.

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