Thinking out of the box

Well it’s Friday, so we at Siren Media Marketing are keeping it light.

Every Friday for the summer we highlight something on the lighter side. The 4th of July mid-week mini-holiday has left us all at Siren Media Marketing a little distracted .

TGIF. And so, here is our question for today:

Have you ever opened up your fridge and had something roll out and break on the floor?

That stray egg rolling around and right onto the floor? A soda bottle that couldn’t stand upright? Perhaps a watermelon?

Maybe that is what happened to a farmer in Japan’s South-western Island of Shikoku in 2003, Maybe that’s why he came up with this idea to solve that problem.

First Seedless, then Yellow now this…

Square Watermelon

Square Watermelon














In Japan they grow watermelon in glass cubes which manipulates the shape into a square watermelon.

No more watermelon rolling around defiantly as you try to cut it.

If you live in Japan and have a “Yen” (pardon the pun). It is gonna set you back about $75 USD for the convenience of that Cubed Melon. And it’s only available in the high end stores, it seems the wealthy are the only ones that seem to care about the shape of their watermelon.
While doing research for this blog. We came across some interesting things.

Apparently, it’s already been done in California and Brazil.  We couldn’t find any video on that. but here is an instructional video on how to build the actual cube.


More Video on how to grow your own watermelon.


For those of  who are interested in possibly giving the square watermelon a try, here are a couple of instructional videos that we came across. Or, for $19.95 and up USD. You can order a book that will take you step by step through growing your own square watermelon:

Get your Watermelon book here

Maybe you don’t like squares? For you we found this:Pyramid shaped watermelon

Thanks for reading our blog, have a great weekend. See you Tuesday.

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