6 steps to get ‘Google Now” Now.

Well it’s Monday morning and we are off and running at Siren Media Marketing HQ. One of our crew came across some great news for those of you that are” in the know” or want to know more about Google’s new app, “Google Now.” And just before it comes down the pipe.  Here is some great info.

Google Now comes pre-loaded on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices (the most recent version of Android, introduced at Google I/O). Another reason to go out and buy a new Android phone.

Google Now features include:

Search alerts before you search for them, and personal to you and your interests.  Your Android is watching you…a little creepy? Yes. But again, very cool.

It alerts you to things like weather changes, travel times and delays, sports scores, landmarks, places where you might like to eat, go shopping, and more. Google Now makes the phrase “smart phone” more literal.

But serious Android fans with a geek streak don’t have to wait to upgrade their OS to get most of the functionality Google Now offers.

Please go ahead with caution in trying this though it is quite easy and very cool.  Thanks to a post on XDA .

A developer over on the forever awesome XDA Developers forums has figured out how to extract Google Now from Android Jelly Bean and port it over to devices running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Some of us “cautious chickens” will just wait until Google releases the device with Google Now built-in.

But maybe you have an old Android device you can try it out on? If you’re brave enough to give it a go. Feel free to let us know if you try it out and what you think.

We have included 2 methods and whichever method you attempt, keep in mind that rooting your phone and making modifications like this is something you should only attempt if you understand the risks involved. If you don’t know your way around Android, you can do some serious damage.

You have to have a rooted device. and if you are comfortable with navigating through the Android file system this that’s great.

So some Developers from  the XDA Developers forum user febycv figured out how to extract Google Now from Jelly Bean, and  install the modified APK file.

He posted the instructions here on the original thread which detail the steps involved.

  1. Open Root Explorer & navigate to /system
  2. Now Open build.prop in Text Editor.
  3. Edit ro.build.version.sdk = 16 & save.
  4. Now go to /system/app & Rename GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk toGoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1
  5. Now reboot & install the app from the download link (mirror).
  6. Now edit build.prop & change ro.build.version.sdk = 15 & reboot.

There’s also a second method in another forum thread which doesn’t involve editing the build.prop file. The link for that one is found on post #142 on this page.

Google Now for Ice Cream Sandwich


  • A Rooted device running ICS AOSP Rom
  • Hands


  • Open Root Explorer & navigate to /system
  • Now Open build.prop in Text Editor.
  • Edit ro.build.version.sdk = 16 & save.
  • Now go to /system/app & Rename GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1
  • Now reboot & install the app from the download link.
  • Now edit build.prop & change ro.build.version.sdk = 15 & reboot.
Please Remember, VOICE SEARCH IS NOT WORKING. You need to Enter your Queries Manually


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