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So we at Siren Media Marketing are 99% mobile. When dealing with day-to-day transactions, we presently use “square”. The card reader payment platform for use with credit cards. There are more choices but we use square. This method features a square card-reader, or dongle, that merchants can use to swipe major credit cards to start accepting mobile payments on-the-go. Making it more convenient for the consumer to buy goods. It’s the wave of the future and the future is now. Never before has it been more convenient to purchase on the go.

The Buzz around the Siren Media Marketing camp yesterday was the announcement by PayPal about the acquisition of

PayPal just unveiled their new global payment platform for small and medium-sized businesses, PayPal Here.

PayPal has trumped Google, Square and all the other card reading payment platforms. Rolling out to merchants this week, — And all users need is their phones, via a startup named

The startup, which unveiled its own consumer-facing app back in January, allows merchants to make the payment process as frictionless as possible. Available for both iPhone and Android, it provides mobile app developers a way to let consumers make purchases simply by holding the credit card up to the phone’s camera.

As  announced this week on its blog, its new partnership with PayPal allows merchants to accept credit cards without readers or extra hardware: Merchants can immediately begin accepting credit cards with nothing but a phoneWe’re excited to be working with PayPal and we hope that this partnership will improve mobile commerce for both consumers and merchants…

Details on :
  • All major credit cards
  • No special dongle required
  • Accurate, fast, and simple
  •  Drop-in integration
  • 15¢ per scan
  • Free $30 scan credit to get started
  • SDKs for iOS & Android
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