5 things that make Twitter Pretty Cool

It’s Thursday and the Sun is shining in the office at Siren Media Marketing. It’s rained all week. The crew is a little distracted today and of course it’s been such a crazy week. Today we decided to do a Blog Stew and pick a couple of our fav items to post in the blog today. We would love to be here…maybe later.

So here is Siren Media Marketing’s contribution for today.

Twitter is the real-time darling bird of communication. Twitter has given us a whole new language, ‘Tweeps” Twitpic, “Tweetader,”  and maybe while you are tweeting your clever blurb you get hungry? Well here is a solution.

Don’t know who came up with this but it’s brilliant.

1.Popcorn Machine powered by tweets:

That’s right, when somebody mentions #popcorn on Twitter, this Popcorn machine pops a hot, fresh bowl of  popped corn.

The process: tweets trigger the movement of a belt and transfer a kernel of unpopped corn into the popper.

2.Automation in your home with Twitter

Now some people here at the office think this is brilliant, some of us think he needs to get some friends, and one person remarked that he obviously has never heard of the clapper

3.Are you trying to keep your carbon footprint down when doing business?

If you do most of your business virtually, and you use Twitter to reach out to your business contacts here is a simple service that lets you set up an electronic business card that you can tweet to your contacts.

Simply send them an @reply with the hastag #twtBizCard.

The service will pull in your data from your Twitter profile when you sign up. You can add other details to customize your card.

Get your Twitter Business cards here

4. Create a Screencast:

What is a Screencast? Have you ever created one?

For making a quick screencast  and distributing it on Twitter there’s Screenr, a great screencast tool with a seamless Twitter integration.

They give you 5 minutes to record your video. Features include pause and restart and you can preview the screencast before sending it out.

Screener link here

5. Make money on Twitter.

Who doesn’t need some extra cash? Just by being the first to answer questions correctly. Here’s the scoop.

You need a PayPal account

Then you need to follow ‘twittermethis” on Twitter!

They will ask a question via Twitter. The first to respond to @twittermethis with the correct answer wins $5.00, *paid immediately via PayPal

Go here for more info on “twittermethis” 

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed our ‘Blog Stew.”

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