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Someone in the office was asked by a client about Google Voice so we decided to Blog about it because there still may be people out there that don’t know what it is.

You may have heard or read about Google’s phone management system it’s been around on a limited basis, by invite only since 2009.

Here is a brief rundown on the features:

Google Voice Basics:

You need a Gmail Account to get access to Google Voice. It’s all totally free.

Google Voice provides a single phone number,  for all your cell, home, and work numbers, and lets you manage your voice services online. Is extremely portable and goes with you wherever you go because it isn’t tied to a geographical location, an IP like VoIP, or your cell phone.

There are two ways to set it up. The prompts will take your through and you can make your choices as you go. You also get a few choices to choose your phone number from, and if there are enough number available in your area code you can customize the number as well. For example: 307-555-paws.


Once you sign up and receive a phone number, you can input all of your existing numbers–your cell phone, work phone, home phone, and anything else–into the control panel.

Then, when you receive a call, all of your phones will ring (or a smaller subset, if you choose), and you can answer on whichever one is most convenient at the time.

 Google Voice’s advanced routing options:

You can set your preferences so that certain calls will ring only certain phones, at certain times. outgoing you can use the google number to call or an alternate number.

When you call someone one from your cell for instance, and you have Google voice installed, a pop up will appear asking your if you would prefer to use google voice to call or the cell phone number. Which means depending on which option you choose the person on the other end of the call will either see your new Google voice number or your cell number.

Incoming calls

If  for example, you wanted someone in your family’s calls to go straight through to your cell phone, or your mother’s calls to ring only on your home phone, you could make those specifications. You could even set certain callers to be routed directly into your voicemail.

When a call is coming through on your Google number

You have a set of options.

You pick up the call while the caller still hears ringing, you’ll be presented with the person’s name and options:

Answer the call, send it to voicemail, or answer and record the call. You can also pick up in mid-message, to if a person is leaving a message you can listen in and decide whether you want to take the call or not.

If an unknown caller call on your Google Voice, they can ask for their name and play it back for you when you pick up.


As mentioned above, Google Voice’s voicemail system allows you to listen in while someone is recording a message. If you decide to pick up , simply press the star key and begin talking.

Google Voice’s voicemail is fully accessible over the Web, too: You can listen to voicemail online, forward voice messages to other users, and even embed them on other Web sites. Google Voice also offers text transcriptions of your voice messages and the ability to receive them via e-mail or text message. The voice to text needs a little work.

You can use a standard greeting, or record one of your own.


SMS is fully integrated into Google Voice. If someone sends a message to your Google number, the service will route it to any mobile phones you have connected. You can reply to text messages from any phone as well, or via the Google Voice Web interface. You can send text messages, even from your PC.

Google Voice can also store all of your text messages within its Web interface for permanent archiving. That means every text you’ve ever sent or received can be filed, searched, and kept forever–as if it were e-mail.

Like Gmail, the Google Voice Web system displays back-and-forth messages as conversations to make following dialogues easier. The voice to text is not bad, but needs a little work.

 Google Voice is completely cost-free and ad-free for now. We think it’s a great alternative to a second line. Long Distance is free as well. Within Canada and the USA. Not sure about Overseas.

Google voice Blog for more information go here

On behalf of the Siren Media Marketing Crew, have a great Weekend. See you Tuesday.

Thanks for reading our blog and all the feedback.

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