Very Busy day today at the HQ of Siren Media Marketing.

It’s  Friday Yay! Keeping it light for today.

Did you know that July marks the 65th Birthday of the Bikini?

Even though we are on the go constantly. The diet here at the Siren Media Marketing HQ  is a little lacking. We just don’t have time.

Here in South Beach, it’s all about the Beach. So we did research on some fitness apps on the go.

We have looked at a couple of fitness apps that we like . These you can download to your phone, and they are available on Amazon.

These are a line from Daniel Miller. Some are free and some aren’t much more than $1.99  Fitness links here

They are complete with animations and a timer, allowing you to easily follow along and understand each exercise.

The first Bikini: 

Louis Réard , the French Creator/Designer of the Bikini could not get a model to pose in the bikini. He finally found

Micheline Bernardini, a nineteen-year-old nude dancer at the Casino de Paris. She was the first to ever model the modern-day bikini at Piscine Molitor in Paris.

We have come a long way baby.

If you are more into Yoga “on the go” Here are some great apps.  Yoga Link

  • Over 300 poses with photo, video & audio guides in HD-quality
  • 3D mus?le models for every pose
  • Pranayama: over 30 breathing exercises with detailed how-to’s
  • Over 40 ready yoga programs and ability to create your own
  • Live Support, free right in the app

Maybe Exercise and Yoga aren’t your thing.

While we were doing our research, we came across something for those that aren’t into exercise but want the same results.  This is something that is applied to your skin.

And something for the guys.


Tell us what you think? Would you try any of these?

Just wanted to say thanks for the comments, and the emails. On behalf of us to you.

Have a great weekend. See you Tuesday.

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