Social Cam.

Siren Media Marketing Camp has come across some very unhappy people on Facebook that have the Socialcam app installed. Both Socialcam and its competition, Viddy, launched and spread quickly through social networks like Facebook.  Over 50 million users to date. Yet another way to let the world know what’s going on in your life at every waking moment? Maybe? Maybe not.

It used to be that when you turned off public sharing in Socialcam on your computer but watched a video on your mobile device, the settings reverted back to making all the activity public.

Socialcam became live again and turned the settings back to public sharing. Or when you opened the settings for Socialcam, it reverted back to public. This was rectified in May. So no worries there.

Things you should and may not know about the Socialcam App for Facebook.

If a friend posts a Socialcam video on Facebook, you can’t watch it without installing Socialcam’s app by default, the app will broadcast on your Facebook Timeline a rundown on what you’re watching.

Not realizing that every video you watch whether you want to or not is broadcast out that you watched it.

Every Socialcam video you watch from then on is shared to your Facebook friends automatically.

Socialcam Videos that are posted on Socialcam  are classified as “Low Brow” and “Provocative.” Some people don’t want what they are watching going out on the airwaves. So here is how you turn it off.

Here’s how to turn it off:

1. Go to Facebook and on the left hand column under apps double-click Socialcam

2. Once in the Socialcam app itself, in the upper right hand corner, choose Settings.

3. Then in Settings, scroll down to “Auto Sharing” and unclick both the Facebook options. Scroll down again and hit SAVE.

4. An alternative : Go the app section of Facebook , choose settings for Socialcam and where it asks “who can see this activity” choose “Only Me.

5. Or just flat-out delete the app from your Facebook profile and go directly to their website instead so you aren’t watching any videos that will be shared and might embarrass you.

Siebel told Worley these were bugs and they have fixed some of these features, but he also says that they are tweaking the privacy settings and that many of these “bugs” are in flux.

On the other side of SocialCam

Socialcam is a mobile video application for iPhone and Android that makes it easy to share videos with friends. With a few clicks, you’re able to record, tag, edit, and add artistic filters similar to those on Instagram’s photo sharing app then you can share your recordings with friends and followers. All in real-time and simply using your smartphone.

  • Create videos of any length with custom filters
  • Videos stored in the cloud & viewable from any device
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email, SMS
  • Easy to browse feed of your friend’s videos

Socialcam,  “the Instagram for video?” Maybe.

Socialcam currently has 54 million monthly active users, higher than Viddy’s 14 million monthly active users, according to AppData, which measures the reach of Facebook apps. However, both video-sharing sites have seen their audience decline over the past month, by AppData’s estimates.

Some of us  at Siren Media Marketing HQ have it on our Smartphones and we like it.  Would you use this App on Facebook? Do you think it is another invasion of Privacy?

Get your Socialcam app for smartphone here

Socialcam Ad

Remove Social Cam

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