5 Steps to market video on Pinterest

Marketing on Pinterest? Are you using Video?

Are you using video on Pinterest to Market your Product, Service or Brand?  Have you thought about how to incorporate your business on Pinterest ?

By now you must have heard of or know who and what Pinterest is; Number Three in Social Marketing Tools and growing.

Pinterest is known as a virtual scrapbook. Pinning photos is cool but have you ever thought about posting video on Pinterest?

Why would you put your videos on Pinterest? One excellent reason, SEO.

It increases your SEO by creating a backlink from an excellent source YouTube. Which is the number one Search Engine Google. Google just happens to own YouTube.

It increases your overall YouTube Channel Ranking.

Here are the steps to getting your video on Pinterest. So let`s get started:

1. Sign up for a YouTube account. You need a Gmail account if you don`t have one.

We have included a video, there are several lengthy videos that break it down even more. Just make sure you choose one from 2012 as Google has changed the way we sign up for a YouTube account.

2. Set up your Channel on YouTube.

We have included a video link below.

3.Create a Pinterest account.

If you sign in with your Twitter or Facebook posts to your Pinterest account it will automatically show up on your personal account on Facebook, or on your Twitter.

4.Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, get the embed code.

Make sure you take the long link as the short link reads as spam in Pinterest.

5. Add a description of your Video with keywords that are relevant to your Product, Service, or Brand.

Points to remember:

Branding, Branding , Branding.

–  Don’t forget to include a link back to your website in the description on Pinterest and in your YouTube video. Make sure you Brand your Video.

Thanks to Spriceter.

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