A1A Print has 7 steps to help with your email marketing

Today we are in the Siren Media Marketing offices.

Doing Email Blasts and printing for some of our clients.

One client who wants a USPS mail out done for them for an event they have coming up.

Had some questions on what is the best way to go with this type of campaign. We do the design and mail out so they came to the right place. We do all our Printing and Emailing through our affiliate A1A Print .

We will touch on what we think some of the most important things to consider.

So first you need to think about what your goal is with this mail out.

Is it short-term, a sale, a one time event?

Is it an introduction to your business opening up in the area?

Obviously it is an effort to raise customer awareness for your brand, product, or service. And to increase sales.

1.Know who your target market is

It is essential to know what your target demographic interests are.

so can design your postcard ad around your research. This card is going to speak for you

and project your image to the client.

2. Choosing your printing company

Get a referral from a colleague is possible. Or a piece of marketing that you may have received, you can ask that company where they got it printed.

If you have to do your own research try to look for a company that can do it all.

If you can find one that does the mail out as well that is bonus for you.

It saves time for one thing.

You only have to deal with one company to get all things done. Makes life easier. Some companies even have mailing lists you can buy.

3. Design your print marketing. 

What size flyer to use it depends what you are selling. If a simple 4×6 can handle all the content you want to include it is by far the best size to choose. It is not too large and not too small. And easy for the potential customer to carry.

4. Choose Bright colors for your design

Color, Design and Font are extremely important.

Bright colors catch the eye. And quality design of your logo are important tools.

5. Font size

Font size and type need to be clean and easy to read. Some script fonts are pretty but too embellished to get your point across so be careful.

Test it out on more than one person before you approve the proof.

Font color should contrast a bit so it stands out on the ad, especially if it is a phone number or website address. You want your potential client to be able to reach you.

6. Choosing Card Stock

When choosing the card stock make sure it is a good weight 16pt. Shop around because the average stock weight you will get is 12-14pt.

7. Finish Glossy or Matte 

Unless the finish has something to do directly with what you are marketing.

Glossy. Just seems to look better.

These are the points we go through with our clients. We hope they help you.

I have included links to a our affiliates. they are reputable with over ten years experience and ship across the USA.

Link for Printing

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