4 steps to increase your presence on Instagram

It is Friday, a beautiful day in the MIA.

The Crew at Siren Media Marketing is hanging out talking about the new version of Instagram.


What is Instagram? Instagram is a free photo-sharing social network that launched about 2 years ago.  

You take a photo with your phone and then you have a choice of filters you can apply to it, you then share it with others over the Instagram Network, and across other Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

Are you using Instagram yet?

Instagram now has over 50 million users–a great pool of  potential clients for your Product, Service, or Brand. You can have more than one account on Instagram.

Increase your presence and get more followers.

Here are some tips for you to apply and gain a following either to increase your bottom line, or just for fun to get more followers.


Engage other people and be Social on Instagram. Like, comment, follow.

Some brands run contests on Instagram. Join them , or run your own.

Points to remember: When you post, make it consistent, but do not overpost.

A Couple of days a week, or once or twice a day. See what works for you.

Just try to develop a pattern of consistency. It`s like blogging. and other Social Media.

2.Posting Images

Since it is an image based application, when you go to post your images, try to post photos that are attention grabbing and appealing to the eye.

Choose trending topics if you can. Be creative. Have fun.


You can also use #hash tags, name your photos, or label your photos.

All of these things increase your reach and make it possible for more people to find you.

4. Special Effects

Instagram comes with some filters already built-in that you can choose from to embellish your images. We have also listed below, some apps that give you more choices to add specials touches to your photos.

Siren Media Marketing did some research and here are some great apps to embellish you images even further.

Do your research, there are a lot of free apps out there for both iPhone and Android.

Most of the apps listed below have and app for both iOS and Android.



Pudding Camera



Instagram Version 3.0 for Android. That is the new version released this week. 

Not much here just a couple of new features to mention.

– continuous scrolling 

It is definitely about time for this one. So much more convenient, than trying to load things over and over.

Photo Map.

Geo-tag  photos and browse through those photos on a map that shows the place where the pictures were taken.  You can see other people’s maps too.

For  people concerned with privacy, there are selections that you can make where you do not have to Geo Tag your photo site.

So do you think you will try Instagram and one of the items we have listed

We wanted to include one last thing related to Instagram  that we tweeted about a couple of weeks back.

This is just for fun.

It is called  This is now it is a real-time site where you can see people who have uploaded there Instagram pics.

Choose a city and watch the fun.

Thank you for all your continuous feedback.

On behalf of the staff at Siren Media Marketing have a great weekend. See you Tuesday.

Social Media is Virtually Word Of Mouth

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