4 Ways that Direct Mail can Build your Brand

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What is Direct Mail? Direct Mail – Is targeted print advertising

A Mailing list of addresses is purchased for a specific Zip Code that can target demographics based on income, residential information and more. An advertising piece is designed and printed with a special offer and mailed out to that list. You design a mailer piece with the proper dimensions, have it printed add the proper USPS indicia. There are companies that carry out those details for you.

Have you thought about using Direct Mail for your product service or brand?

Here are some reasons Why we like Direct Mail and offer it to our clients:

Direct mail allows you to physically place your message in your customers’ hands and encourage interaction. Along with an engaging message, you can make an unforgettable impression by incorporating elements that actively involve the customer, like stickers, samples, and coupons.

We have successfully used direct mail to sell just about every product and service you can imagine. Direct mail marketing executed in a professional manner can boost your business in terms of awareness, sales, brand building and customer interest. Here are several factors that are essential and result in a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Direct mail is targeted. Want to reach prospects within five miles (or more!) of your location? Want to reach people who buy what you are selling? Direct Mail is for you.

2. Direct mail is interactive. It is a medium that can call people by name on first contact. Additionally Direct mail creates dialog, by letting people reply to you. That way, you can build and mine a database of customers, along with their interests, habits and purchases.

3. Direct mail cannot be ignored. There is one way for people to sort mail: by looking at it. So when your direct mail communicates a benefit and a strong brand, you’re getting your message across to 100 percent of your target.

4. People like mail. It’s tangible. People look forward to receiving and looking through their mail. That can’t be said for all marketing mediums.

What Direct Mail can communicate for you:

Information regarding launch of your newly established company or event.
Increase sales and customer contacts
Increase profitability from existing consumers
Counter on competitor activities and product offerings
Advertise your company’s new products / services
Advertise a promotion and limited sales campaign
Brand building for your existing product line or company

An interesting thing happened when the United States Postal Service ( USPS) tested direct mail ads. More than 64 percent of consumers told said they “value the mail” they receive in their mailbox, but when USPS asked businesses what they thought, only 36 percent said they thought consumers still value their mail.

Clearly, there is value in Direct Mail for business. The digital technology advances have many businesses thinking that only digital advertising is effective. But it seems that consumers still attach a high value to messages communicated through the mail, but many marketers have turned away from the mail in favor of communicating through digital channels. As our use of digital communications such as e-mail, SMS and Social Media has grown, many marketers have formed the opinion that mail is no longer relevant. Think again.

Direct Mail can be cost prohibitive for some smaller businesses, My Palm Beaches Magazine is offering a Group Direct Mailer which saves you money and gives you the opportunity to advertise for 3 months at a 10th of the regular cost for one month.

You Get: A print ad mailed to 5000 addresses and a digital ad for your business on the My Palm Beaches Magazine Website, with a clickable link to your website for three consecutive months.

The promotion is called “Deals and Steals.” 

For more information Deals and Steals


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