Top 3 Ways to Get Yourself More Pinterest Followers



Pinterest application for business is still a bit of a mystery to some so we put together the top 3 best ways to get yourself more traffic and attention.

1. If you are not already on Facebook get yourself a business page now, then the next logical social media account would be Twitter. Link it all up with a Pinterest account and you are ready to go. Now every time you post it will post on all three social media platforms.
Now get to pinning, and commenting on other Pinterest boards, you can follow people and get them to follow you. Pin on boards that allow collaboration that way you get your message out to those people as well.

2. If you don’t have a Blog you will have to set that up as well, a Blog is a great way to post your events, special offers, and activities, and of course all this ties in with your Website. If you don’t have a website for your Product, Service or Brand, it’s time to step into the 21st century and go live! Everybody surfs the net for what they are looking for and it’s only getting more virtual. These are investments that some people are reluctant to get, but you need to give yourself as much pub (publicity) as possible.

3. Finally, don’t forget the hashtags on all your social media platforms – Don’t be intimidated, a #Hashtag is the little number sign that when placed on topics, words, phrases etc. it creates heading for that subject, so when people search that word or phrase your hashtag, your information will be included as well which expands your reach.

There is so much out there to help you engage and connect with potential and current customers and that is what makes you stand out from the competition. You have to be social, just like going to a party and mingling, create that rapport in the virtual world.

There are other social media platforms you may want to look at like YouTube and Instagram, the nice thing is they can all be tied in together and create a great networking application for your business.

If all this still intimidates you, or you just don’t have the time, hire a social media consultant to take care of it for you. I suggest everyone that can hire someone should, after all you should be out selling yourself.

Our clients know the importance of all of the above mentioned and understand that is takes time to build this community but it’s well worth it.
After all Social Media is virtually word of mouth.

Thanks for reading.

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