Two Things to Consider When Thinking about your Marketing Budget

It seems to us here as Siren Media Marketing that time and time again people want to skimp on their marketing budget. PEOPLE we cannot stress this enough. If you are going to chisel back on some money in your budget. Don’t do it in the Marketing Department.

So let’s talk about 2 Marketing Paths.

Social Media: Pay attention to how many big companies have their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest icons at the end of their television ads. The big companies hire Social Media Marketing strategists and specialists too.

Why Social Media? Social Media is an integral part of your marketing strategy, it personalizes your product, service or brand. We say this all the time. You don’t have to believe us, simply look at mass media. Look at celebrities peddling their latest, greatest anything on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

If you don’t know what you are doing hire a competent Social Media Strategist or a Digital Marketing Specialist to help you navigate through all the social media platforms. And give it 6 months, it takes time for things to gel.

The next point is about your Website :

This is also a form of marketing.

If you are peddling something you NEED a website. And that’s just the beginning because once you are up and running, how do you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Or at least be a contender on the internet? SEO – but that’s another story.

The first thing is “Friends don’t let friends design their websites.” We all know they mean well,  there are  a lot of components to consider.  Information placement on the landing page of your website, that’s usually the home page, the first page people land on when arriving at your URL. In this day and age people’s attention span is extremely short so you had better make sure that your contact information is clearly displayed as well as what you offer. The average surfer will click three times on your site. You don’t want them frustrated.  You want your potential client to be informed about what you offer and how to get it, or contact you directly.

Although friends may mean well in designing your site, you want someone who designs sites all day everyday. Thinking about that, it can be applied to anything in life where someone requires a service or product. You don’t want a plumber to clean your teeth, you don’t want a mechanic to design a suit for you. The list goes on…Pay a little upfront to get a bigger return and always portion out a part of your budget for marketing.

Do your homework and research a good team to get you out front. Staying out front – that is where the next step in web design comes in – SEO , but you have to get in the game with great basic marketing tools first.

Are you thinking about hiring some type of Marketing strategist? We hope this helped you think about your next step. We only want you to have the best shot with your Brand , Service or Product.

Broadcast your brand, and remember when it comes to Social Media it’s virtually word of mouth.

Social Media is Virtually Word Of Mouth

Social Media is Virtually Word Of Mouth

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