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Are you thinking about what avenue to take to market your product, service, or brand?

We at Siren Media Marketing suggest to all of our clients to try many different types of marketing because, some marketing seems to work better than others for specific types of business.

If you are starting out,  budget can be a huge factor in how you are going to market your business.  Although some forms of marketing can be less cost prohibitive, and those are the ones that new business gravitate towards in the beginning, you really have to weigh your options, and figure out what will give you the best bang for your buck, The only way to figure that out is to explore different marketing and advertising and see what works for you.

One or our favorite strategies is Direct Mail.

Everyone that has something to sell, should consider Direct Mail as a viable option for getting the word out .

What is Direct Mail?

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Target you Customers with Direct Mail

Target you Customers with Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing is an option that offers a tangible piece, delivered right to the front door and into the hands of potential customers.

Direct mail can include a wide variety of addressed marketing pieces, such as postcard fliers, brochures, catalogs. These are mailed out to a specific demographic or geological area aimed at current and potential customers.

Direct mail allows you a one-on-one communication with your target audience controlling how your message is received and by whom.

The most effective direct-mail inserts pay attention to a design that stands out from the crowd, with a call-to-action for the recipient.

Design is key. Color, shape, and the right Images can make your DIrect Mail piece stand out from the crowd.

Implementing a call-to-action on your marketing piece is a great way to measure effectiveness and reach.

A call-to-action could be an invitation to visit your webstie with code and print a coupon offer specifically for the people that receive the direct mail piece, there are many ideas that you could implement as your call-to action.

It may take a couple of attempts, tweaking your Direct Mail piece may be in order, so be patient.

Timing and repetition of your Direct Mail can be crucial.  Who is say what the best timing is, sometimes December before the holidays can be extremely effective or not.
That is why you should plan on an investment of a couple of rounds of this type of marketing over a period of several weeks.

Statistics show that contactting your customers a minimum of three to six times through Direct Mail, follow-up, and face-to-face with your target businesses if possible, and leave your marketing piece with them again.
Advertising statistics show, that it takes at least six impressions before a potential customer will connect your product or service with your branding.

Direct Mail Marketing may be the next marketing angle in your marketing toolkit. Would you use Direct Mail for your next marketing campaign.

If  it`s not your skill set. You can hire a firm or someone to take the task and implement the steps for your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign.

Don’t forget, marketing, and advertising is something that will be an ongoing process for your business so Broadcast your Brand!

And if you need help you can contact us.



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