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Need a logo for your product, service or brand?

Some people don’t want to spend the money or the time or may feel they can’t afford to on Logo design because they don’t understand the importance of marketing.

Here are 4 great tips

.Logo design is kind of a mix of art and science. You want something attractive and eye catching, but you also want something that is going to convey your product, service or brand message. While keeping it simple, to the point, while being effective and memorable.

Logo branding is marketing that should speak for itself-like your business card, it speaks for your brand and gets the attention or not, of your perspective client.

So really think hard before you decide on running a “contest” to see who can design the best logo for you for free.

Don’t cheap out on your Logo Design, or any marketing tools for that matter. Hire a professional.

A little bit of an investment in yourself and your business tools initially will go a long way down the line.

Your marketing is a reflection of you, on you, and can convey a positive or negative message to potential clients: After all, if you are willing to cut corners on your own business, maybe the service or product that you are selling is not that great because you are cutting corners.

Here are some tips from the Siren Media Marketing crew.

1. Think about what you are trying to say through your Logo. where you are going to put your Logo.

Think about what you want to convey to the world about your business. Who are you?

1.Once you think you have an idea and you are ready to design your Logo:

A good rule of thumb is to keep the amount of colors down to a minimum of 2 or 3 colors.

That way when you decide to go to print whatever products you choose will be reasonable.

For example, 

Screen Printing is usually calculated by the amount of colors, for each color of your Logo design, you will need a screen, that can be costly when you are starting out and you want to print promotional apparel. It works the same usually for business cards or other printed materials. So keeping your colors to a minimum will keep your marketing costs down.

2. Keep your Logo Design simple, clean and professional.

Simplicity is key.

Sometimes not all things are possible.

A great design tip is to see if your Logo still looks great in Black and White.

Sometimes certain advertising is only available in Black and White print, if your Logo can still stand out and be effective in Black and White you have got a winner.

3. Fonts:

Choose your Fonts carefully, and keep them down to a maximum of two.

Really select your fonts carefully it should be something that complements your brand, it will be easier to read if the typography isn’t too fussy. Some Fat, bold, and fancy script fonts  don’t translate well, and if you are thinking of using it in letterhead or other correspondence, that particular font may not be available or compatible with someone else’s computer.

4. Get your Logo Vectorized.

Most Graphic designers can do that for a small extra fee.

Vectorization of your Logo will save you a huge headache in the long run.

If you have you Logo vectorized, then your image can be scaled to any size without it losing quality and becoming pixelated and fuzzy. It also makes it easier for editing and adapting it to other media.

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