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Social Media is virutally word of mouth

Social Media is virutally word of mouth

Social Media is a dynamic form of marketing. We at Siren Media Marketing are constantly educating our clients on the role Social Media can play in a marketing plan. Business owners that want to utilize Social Media need to understand that if you don’t have the time to sit and engage with your fans, followers, you need to hire someone who can. It’s important to differentiate between the several marketing paths you can use for your service and how best to approach the execution of your marketing to the public.

Often times a business will just set up a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ page, and expect things to happen just because they set up a page.
Only to realize that it is all about  interaction with clients and potential clients. It’s essential to engage.
Think of it as a party and you are the host that ensures things flow smooth, keep on moving forward, keep up the momentum and excitement, by communicating your message to people, who then take that message to their circle or tribe.
This is what we at Siren Media Marketing  explain to our clients who are interested in Social Media.

While Social Media is a form of marketing, and needs to be included in your marketing and advertising budget it does not stand on it’s own you certainly need to incorporate other forms of marketing as well, and use social media to support those campaigns.

It’s very important to realize that that you need all forms of marketing working together. If you hire a Social Media Pro, that may not cover all your marketing needs. As a business owner you must decide what your goals are and then put together marketing plan that includes Social Media Marketing.

Signing up for Yelp or similar online platforms and advertising your specials is not Social Media. If someone sees your ad and it circulates among friends or anyone that frequents Yelp, then it becomes a social form of marketing.  

Social Media is not a result, it is a path to a result. If you run a campaign or contest on Facebook or Pinterest, that’s your path to get to a certain demographic of potential and current clients, the result hopefully is conversion to sales, and of course exposure of your service to more people that will pass it on to their friends, or in the case of Pinterest repin it for their friends to see.  

Are you using social media in your marketing? You should be.

Remember, “Social Media is virtually word of mouth!” Engage and be social.

Social Media is Virtually Word Of Mouth

Social Media is Virtually Word Of Mouth

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