3 Reasons Why Co-Marketing May be the Answer for your Business

Ever Consider C0-Marketing?  sirenmediamarketing

It’s not a new concept,  it has been around for awhile. Large companies have executed C0-Marketing for their promotions.

If it’s good enough for the big boys like Nike, Apple, and Hershey, to name a  few, it’s good enough for you.

What is Co-marketing?

It’s where you team up with another business/brand that is obviously not in competition with what you offer,  but that would complement what you offer.

The results?  You both benefit and share results of that promotion together. Your exposure is automatically doubled.

Who would use Co-Marketing? Anyone that’s in Business and needs more Business.

Whether you are a start-up, where your budget is usually tight, trying to stretch your dollar and decide your marketing path.

Or maybe you need something to energize sales for your existing Business.

Here are a  few examples:

  • A Roofer and a Landscaper.
  • Wedding Services and a Beauty Salon.
  • Restaurant and a Delivery Service.


  1. You are exposed to an entirely fresh and new market of potential customers.
  2. Your Print Marketing costs are cut in half instantly.

In short, possibly the best bang for your buck.

You get the idea. You can then split the services of your Print Marketing between you.

So for your next Marketing Campaign, maybe you want to consider Co-Marketing.

Can’t think of a business off the top of your head? Consider these C0-Marketing Ideas.

This Company offers Co-Marketing products  across the U.S.A. Your business on one side.

They will design and print your piece with their company information on the other side.

Cutting your Marketing cost in half by offering you a discount on design and printing your piece.

This Company offers Direct Mailer Co-Promotion and Marketing.

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