Palm Beach Medical Legal Advisors

Palm Beach Medical Legal Advisors provide services that assist your law firm in saving both resources and time.  By incorporating our services, you not only free up your legal staff to really hone in on the legal issues, but you are adding the knowledge of a seasoned physician onto your staff without the full-time expense.

Andrew Weiss’ passion lies in the medical-legal arena interacting with attorneys, patients, and other physicians.

Andrew Weiss has significant experience in the litigation aspects of pain management, orthopedic, neurosurgical, and neurologic practices and their translation to the personal injury and medical malpractice fields, Which can be a significant asset to a law firm that is growing and proactive.

Services include:

Case screening for medical issues, facts, strengths and weaknesses
Identification of missing records or possible tampering
Preparation of a chronology of Events
Evaluation of medical billing and coding
Identification of Key Documents
Assessment of medically related damages
Medical research of current issues
Assistance with medically related depositions and trial questions
Preparation of physicians for deposition and trial issues
Both Attorney and Patient Education with respect to facts on each case
Attendance during pertinent depositions
Attendance during Independent Medical Examinations
Personal review of radiographic studies

Andrew Weiss of Palm Beach Medical Legal Advisors provides a premium service which will become a vital adjunct to legal practices that interact with the medical community.

Visit our website for more information and to view all of our services.

Or give us a call 561-508-2606

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