10 Sure Fire New Year’s Resolutions some of us can stick to !

It’s that time of year, Time for you know what…
Never really been into New Year’s Resolutions.
The problem with human nature and making these types of lists is that a lot of us never make it through January.
Maybe we set the wrong goals.
We got together in the office and came up with these.
New Year’s Resolution some of us can stick to !

New Years Resolutions for 2016:

1.  Gain more weight
2.  Drink more Wine and Tequila and Coffee
3.  Exercise Less
4.  Eat more Gruyere and Brie
5.  Sleep less
6.  Put more hours in at work
7.  Read less
8.  Spend more time on Facebook and Twitter
9.  Eat more fried food
10. Smoke more




Gain more weight
Gain more weight


Eat more Fried Food
Eat more Fried Food

So there you have it, our list.

We want to know what you think.
Are there any that you think you could keep?
If we forgot any, feel free to send us your suggestions.
All the best to you and your endeavors for 2016!
See ya next Year.
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Social Media is virtually "Word of Mouth."
Social Media is Virtually “Word of Mouth.”