Jeffrey Switzer Offers you Body, Mind and Soul Wellness with Qi Gong

The New Year is usually the time when we make the effort to better ourselves, Classes of some sort, Diets, whatever we feel to change or encourage better habits for a better life.

Jeffrey Switzer – Life Coach offers several classes with tools aid you in your quest to feel better.

One of them is classes in Qi Gong.

What is QI Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient art form developed 5,000 years ago in feudal China. Taoist masters created sacred movements to heal the body, mind and reintegrate the personality with the spirit.

To practice the forms of Qi Gong is to clear stagnation in the subtle body through certain channels that cultivate sensitivity and build energy.

Qi Gong can be described as the human form in the process of awakening.

It’s common practice to shower daily to cleanse the physical body of dirt and sweat accumulated from the day before. What do you do to cleanse the subtle bodies of excess foreign energies that you accumulate throughout the day? The physical/ spiritual/ mental/emotional bodies are engaged in the practice of qigong. It is the most effective technique out there to build life force and harness the essential chi to heal the body, build energy, and cleanse the spirit.


Qi Gong will…
For your body

  • improve flexibility and increase  your range of motion
  • increase strength in less commonly used muscles and tendons
  • lower blood pressure and increase circulation/ lower risk of heart disease
  • improves your sense of balance, relieve chronic pain, and improve lung capacity
  • lower blood pressure


For your mind

  • improve brain function, boosting focus concentration and memory
  • relieve anxiety and lower stress levels
  • improved sexual function
  • relieve chronic pain


Maxswitzer is currently offering ONE2ONE classes and private coaching lessons for Qi Gong and meditation. The body is 80% water. Water isn’t healthy if it doesn’t flow.But the flow must be structured to be of benefit to the system. Qi Gong and Yoga are the most effective interventions to help the body achieve the order and balance to harmonize with the flow for the body to heal.

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