Jeffrey Switzer is hosting the Workshop with special guest Master Trainer Lucas Asu


Jeffrey Switzer is hosting the Workshop with Special Guest Master Trainer Lucas Asu

Jeffrey-  Switzer

Limited Spots available


•Learn the core skills of NLP and Life Coaching

•Discover how the brain processes information and how we create all our emotions

•Learn how people create meaning, and how to  ‘re-frame’ the meanings you and others give to the events in your lives

•Identify the major “filters” that shape our thoughts and behaviors.

•Learn how to communicate with anyone, anywhere, with more power and impact

•Learn Human Needs Psychology (HNP) – the forces that shape our choices, behaviors, actions and way of life

•Uncover the unconscious motivations of others and use that knowledge to create win-win outcomes

•Establish meaningful rapport with others more quickly and speak in their mental and emotional “language” so your message and intent are crystal clear

•Discover the roots of relationship problems and learn new strategies for heartfelt communication, building trust and

rekindling love and passion

•Learn how to use transformational language to help change how people feel and behave in an instant.

•Let go of old beliefs and decisions that have limited you in the past and create lasting changes in any area of your life

•Gain access to the resources of the Conscious and Unconscious Mind in helping people break free from addictions, excessive alcohol consumption and overeating using Neuro Associative Conditioning

•Learn to eliminate destructive patterns like phobias, depression and insomnia

•Discover Spiral Dynamics (SD) and the major psychological levels of the human mind, and how each dominant level a person, culture or society operates on shapes their Model of the World and, therefore, their life conditions.

•Eliminate the emotional impact of past traumatic memories and lessen the power of negative incidents in your daily life

•Experience positive emotions such as confidence, love, happiness, courage, enthusiasm on a daily basis

•Learn powerful NLP techniques for dissolving inner conflicts

•Learn the three steps for coaching anyone to produce results.

You will be certified as a Practitioner of NLP & Life Coach upon successful training completion

***5 day intensive $2500/ $2000 early registration

***Workshop beginning Soon w Limited Space is available – Sign up Now

***Reserve your Space Now for our Certification Training Workshop***

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