Centurion Project Management

Centurion Project Management

Home watch, Vehicle and Yacht Management and more.

Great new service offered in West Palm Beach and other parts of South Florida, it’s called Centurion Project Management and it’s run by Firefighters and Police Officers.

Here’s a little bit about them.

About Us

In 2000, Centurion Project Management was created by its owner, Paul Creelman, as a business that tended to the needs of its client’s homes, vessels and yachts on a seasonal to a year-round basis. Paul, a gainfully employed law enforcement officer for over 25 years, also had extensive experience in contracting and the marine industry.
Clients soon realized that Centurion was a company that could be trusted, was reliable and had their best interests in mind during all dealings.

Soon, all over South Florida, clients were enjoying the experience of using Centurion Project Management and found that when they couldn’t be there themselves, Centurion could be. Whether it was a roof leak in a home, a damaged water pump on the engine of a motor yacht or simply managing the daily goings on of a property or a motor yacht, Centurion has shown to be a leader in its industry.

Having worked for some of the most prestigious businesses and families in South Florida, Centurion Project Management brings to the table a level of professional service rarely seen in South Florida.

Centurion Project Management will inspect your primary residence, vacation home or vessel while you are present in or not in residence. We will also monitor and coordinate the work of subcontractors you have employed to perform services on your premises or vessel. We offer complete yacht management and estate management. Our services are offered daily, weekly, monthly, or year round.

Visit them online or call 954-695-0065


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