The morning after the night before

IV vitamin therapy spas have popped up all over the country. It is not a new therapy but sometimes it takes A-list celebrities partaking in vitamin drip treatments to bring it to the forefront.

What’s it all about? A certified practitioner administers a recovery infusion specifically for what ails you. The great thing is that they can come to you if you are just too wasted to come to their office.

There are a variety of treatment options, from boosting your energy for the Gym to recovery and rehydrating after a night out on the town.

IV Therapy can be the most efficient way to rehydrate and revitalize the body by infusing key vitamins straight into the blood stream. these treatments apparently alleviate tiredness, increase alertness, boost the immune system!
Now available in West Palm Beach!

Here is a list of treatment options at the Hydration Oasis.

Hydration Oasis

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