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  My Palm Beaches Magazine is looking for contributors to our online magazine. We are gearing up to bring My Palm Beaches online to the masses across the Web and we need you! Bloggers, Vloggers, Photographers, Foodies. Anyone who wants to communicate their passion for The Food, Culture, Sunshine Living of South Florida as a… Continue reading Write for us!

Look up in sky it’s the Cloud.

Are you familiar with the Cloud?  Have you used a Cloud platform? Are you considering it? Siren Media Marketing chat was brief and the subject was ” The Cloud.” We had of course some clients asking about the Cloud. It has become a very popular buzz term. Wikipedia has a pretty lengthy explanation for it.… Continue reading Look up in sky it’s the Cloud.


Very Busy day today at the HQ of Siren Media Marketing. It’s  Friday Yay! Keeping it light for today. Did you know that July marks the 65th Birthday of the Bikini? Even though we are on the go constantly. The diet here at the Siren Media Marketing HQ  is a little lacking. We just don’t have… Continue reading TGIF….Again

5 things that make Twitter Pretty Cool

It’s Thursday and the Sun is shining in the office at Siren Media Marketing. It’s rained all week. The crew is a little distracted today and of course it’s been such a crazy week. Today we decided to do a Blog Stew and pick a couple of our fav items to post in the blog… Continue reading 5 things that make Twitter Pretty Cool

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May issue of My Palm Beaches Magazine

May issue of My Palm Beaches Magazine

What a weekend rained all weekend. But that’s ok. It’s the beginning of a new week. Time to get back to Business. well kind of…

Siren Media Marketing here for My Palm Beaches Magazine.

I have to run Pub for a Magazine , I have said a few words for them and even written an article, but “if you build it they will come” is not exactly true. Soooooo I have to try to get the word out for them. My Palm Beaches Magazine is a lifestyle magazine based out the Palm Beaches in Florida, It covers the Palm Beaches down to the Keys. Miami is over saturated with Publicity but other areas of ‘Southern Florida’ are just as much fun for some like Delray, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale to name a few. The beach runs all the way up, so people that just wanna hang on the beach just follow A1A all the way up or all the way down and investigate these other areas. Now My Palm Beaches Magazine has an online addition and a printed one, it’s a free mag you can find in Hotels, Coffee shops etc. it a full-color Magazine and the brain child of IMedia Marketing Group. Advertising at discount introductory prices are available so if you want to get yourself out there it’s another great way to get yourself known. May issue is out very soon and has a great interview with Jennifer Lopez, and some great shots of her. Some local interviews,  some reviews on Movies and music, all kinds of stuff is packed into the Mag.You can support My Palm Beaches Magazine by going to their Facebook page and liking them, or picking them up on Twitter.  Thanks for reading. Suggestions are welcome. And go have a look at the Magazine and tell us what you think , what you would like to see. Have a good one.

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