Write for us!

  My Palm Beaches Magazine is looking for contributors to our online magazine. We are gearing up to bring My Palm Beaches online to the masses across the Web and we need you! Bloggers, Vloggers, Photographers, Foodies. Anyone who wants to communicate their passion for The Food, Culture, Sunshine Living of South Florida as a… Continue reading Write for us!

Two Things to Consider When Thinking about your Marketing Budget

It seems to us here as Siren Media Marketing that time and time again people want to skimp on their marketing budget. PEOPLE we cannot stress this enough. If you are going to chisel back on some money in your budget. Don’t do it in the Marketing Department. So let’s talk about 2 Marketing Paths.… Continue reading Two Things to Consider When Thinking about your Marketing Budget


It’s been a busy two weeks. And here is our link. Thanks for reading and asking questions. Keep them coming. Happy Hump Day! Social Media is word of mouth virtually.

3 Successful Things for your business. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

We have moved, but here is the link to our most recent blog. Again. For now we will continue to post here. Great feedback guys. Thanks from the Gang at Siren Media Marketing!

Leap -Exciting New Technology

Siren Media Marketing chat in the break room today was about Michael Buckwald and Leap Motion`s new and exciting technology. – More sensitive than any touchscreen -More reliable as any keyboard -More accurate than your mouse The Leap! Leap is bringing something entirely different.  A brand new way to interact with computers. You can control… Continue reading Leap -Exciting New Technology

4 steps to increase your presence on Instagram

It is Friday, a beautiful day in the MIA. The Crew at Siren Media Marketing is hanging out talking about the new version of Instagram. What is Instagram? Instagram is a free photo-sharing social network that launched about 2 years ago.   You take a photo with your phone and then you have a choice of filters you can apply… Continue reading 4 steps to increase your presence on Instagram