6 Reasons to Wrap your Vehicle

We are always looking for ways to get the word out about our client services, brand, or business. The latest trend seems to be Vehicle Wrapping. It’s a great way to draw attention to what you do with our being a hard sell. It’s also a way to get your message out just like the big boys. This is a truly cost effective way to get major bang for your buck. A powerful marketing tool with incredible response from potential clients. Being creative in your design can draw people in to read your copy and beautiful images will spark interest. Prices usually included installation and design and only take days to complete.

5 Reasons to Wrap Your Vehicle

  1. Cost Effective :  Professionally installed vehicle wraps with the highest quality materials can have a life expectancy of years. And when you are done you can remove it.These are Custom printed designs make you stand out from all of the others with a one of a kind vehicle. And, after a few years you are looking for change once again, just have us remove it and choose a new design!
    2.Excellent for Vehicle Resale   You have an option of keeping your vehicles original color and quality so when you are ready to upgrade you can resell your pristine vehicle.3.Short Installation Time: Wrapping a vehicle, will have your car fully transformed within a couple of days.4.Protection/Barrier: Vehicle wrap vinyl is UV and weather resistant making wrapping your vehicle a no brainer, it’s  durable material will act as a barrier protecting your original paint job.

    5.Virtually Maintenance Free : Vehicle wraps are extremely easy to maintain,  your waterproof vinyl  wrap will look brand new by only hand washing with soap and water.

    6. If you have an older vehicle: With a not so nice finish you may be able to completely cover up and give your vehicle

    A1A Print Wrap Vehicle


    A1A Print


    brand new life with a whole new look.

Vehicle Wrap

A1A Print #vehiclewrap services

A1A Print and Design

A1A Print Vehicle Wrap Services

A1A Print Buggy

A1A Print and Design West Palm Beach

If you looking for a reputable and reliable job.

Call A1A Print and get a quote www.a1aprint.com 

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Centurion Project Management

Centurion Project Management

Home watch, Vehicle and Yacht Management and more.

Great new service offered in West Palm Beach and other parts of South Florida, it’s called Centurion Project Management and it’s run by Firefighters and Police Officers.

Here’s a little bit about them.

About Us

In 2000, Centurion Project Management was created by its owner, Paul Creelman, as a business that tended to the needs of its client’s homes, vessels and yachts on a seasonal to a year-round basis. Paul, a gainfully employed law enforcement officer for over 25 years, also had extensive experience in contracting and the marine industry.
Clients soon realized that Centurion was a company that could be trusted, was reliable and had their best interests in mind during all dealings.

Soon, all over South Florida, clients were enjoying the experience of using Centurion Project Management and found that when they couldn’t be there themselves, Centurion could be. Whether it was a roof leak in a home, a damaged water pump on the engine of a motor yacht or simply managing the daily goings on of a property or a motor yacht, Centurion has shown to be a leader in its industry.

Having worked for some of the most prestigious businesses and families in South Florida, Centurion Project Management brings to the table a level of professional service rarely seen in South Florida.

Centurion Project Management will inspect your primary residence, vacation home or vessel while you are present in or not in residence. We will also monitor and coordinate the work of subcontractors you have employed to perform services on your premises or vessel. We offer complete yacht management and estate management. Our services are offered daily, weekly, monthly, or year round.

Visit them online or call 954-695-0065


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If you need Funding? Ocean Funding is a great resource for you.

Andrew D Weiss MD

Ocean Funding

Ocean Funding is a service to aid in Settlement Loans and Cash Advances on Lawsuit Settlements.

What we do can provide
We are able to fund a broad variety of cases within the personal injury field to cover whatever expenses are getting out of hand. The client has been injured and deserves the support that they need.

We have a guarantee that is backed up. We will find you the best rate possible. It’s backed up by a $100 reward if you find a lower rate.

Ocean Funding will provide your clients with what they need when they need it. No Hassles.

It’s simple, visit us online or call us  516-508-2626


Ocean Funding is offered through Medical Legal Advisors and Andrew Weiss MD. Settlement Funding services.

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Corporate Wellness from Jeffrey Switzer

Jeffrey-Switzer is offering Corporate Wellness at your doorstep.

Corporate Classes, Bring a Friend , Couples or Group Classes.

Private one-on-One Classes available as well.

Great Perks for Employees creating long-term results for stress relief in dealing with day-to-day issues on the job. To book a class for your employees.

Visit Jeffrey Switzer online at MaxSwitzer to book a class

Qi Gong, Meditation and more.

Call (561) 212 4171

Jeffrey Switzer

Corporate Classes, Bring a Friend, Couples Classes



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Tools for Wellness from Max Switzer

One of the great tools Jeffrey Switzer offers from his Hypnotherapy classes and courses are his CDs. Everyone has blocks when it comes to prosperity and what they perceive it to be.

In this CD he can help you break through your blocks.


jeffrey-switzer Wellington

Train your Mind for Prosperity

He has 4 CDs  you can purchase these on his website

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Jeffrey Switzer is hosting the Workshop with special guest Master Trainer Lucas Asu


Jeffrey Switzer is hosting the Workshop with Special Guest Master Trainer Lucas Asu

Jeffrey-  Switzer

Limited Spots available


•Learn the core skills of NLP and Life Coaching

•Discover how the brain processes information and how we create all our emotions

•Learn how people create meaning, and how to  ‘re-frame’ the meanings you and others give to the events in your lives

•Identify the major “filters” that shape our thoughts and behaviors.

•Learn how to communicate with anyone, anywhere, with more power and impact

•Learn Human Needs Psychology (HNP) – the forces that shape our choices, behaviors, actions and way of life

•Uncover the unconscious motivations of others and use that knowledge to create win-win outcomes

•Establish meaningful rapport with others more quickly and speak in their mental and emotional “language” so your message and intent are crystal clear

•Discover the roots of relationship problems and learn new strategies for heartfelt communication, building trust and

rekindling love and passion

•Learn how to use transformational language to help change how people feel and behave in an instant.

•Let go of old beliefs and decisions that have limited you in the past and create lasting changes in any area of your life

•Gain access to the resources of the Conscious and Unconscious Mind in helping people break free from addictions, excessive alcohol consumption and overeating using Neuro Associative Conditioning

•Learn to eliminate destructive patterns like phobias, depression and insomnia

•Discover Spiral Dynamics (SD) and the major psychological levels of the human mind, and how each dominant level a person, culture or society operates on shapes their Model of the World and, therefore, their life conditions.

•Eliminate the emotional impact of past traumatic memories and lessen the power of negative incidents in your daily life

•Experience positive emotions such as confidence, love, happiness, courage, enthusiasm on a daily basis

•Learn powerful NLP techniques for dissolving inner conflicts

•Learn the three steps for coaching anyone to produce results.

You will be certified as a Practitioner of NLP & Life Coach upon successful training completion

***5 day intensive $2500/ $2000 early registration

***Workshop beginning Soon w Limited Space is available – Sign up Now

***Reserve your Space Now for our Certification Training Workshop***

Visit Lucas online          Visit Jeffrey Switzer online  at #maxswitzer

561.212.4171 Call today

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Medical Legal Advisors – Andrew Weiss MD

SOCIAL MEdia : Is Virtually Word of Mouth


Our Expertise:

At Palm Beach Medical Legal Consulting, we offer a broad range of services which are designed to streamline your practice and make your case management more straightforward.

Some of the services that we offer are:


  • Case Screening for Medical Issues, Facts, Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Assess for current Medically Related Damages
  • Presentation of chronology of Events
  • Identification of Key Documents


  • Assess for current Medically Related Damages
  • Assess for potential future Medically Related Damages
  • Assist with Preparation of Interrogatories
  • Assist with Medically Related Deposition and Trial Questions
  • Attorney Education on Specific and Unique Medical Aspects of Individual Cases
  • Attend Pertinent Depositions
  • Medically Research Current Issues for Treatment Options and Standard of Care

Contact Andrew Weiss MD 

7750 Okeechobee Blvd 4-24
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Phone: 561-208-2606

Visit us online to view all our services

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