Corporate Wellness from Jeffrey Switzer

Jeffrey-Switzer is offering Corporate Wellness at your doorstep. Corporate Classes, Bring a Friend , Couples or Group Classes. Private one-on-One Classes available as well. Great Perks for Employees creating long-term results for stress relief in dealing with day-to-day issues on the job. To book a class for your employees. Visit Jeffrey Switzer online at MaxSwitzer… Continue reading Corporate Wellness from Jeffrey Switzer

Tools for Wellness from Max Switzer

One of the great tools Jeffrey Switzer offers from his Hypnotherapy classes and courses are his CDs. Everyone has blocks when it comes to prosperity and what they perceive it to be. In this CD he can help you break through your blocks. TRAIN YOUR MIND FOR PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS USING HYPNOTHERAPY He has 4 CDs… Continue reading Tools for Wellness from Max Switzer