Social Media and Marketing

Social Media is a dynamic form of marketing. We at Siren Media Marketing are constantly educating our clients on the role Social Media can play in a marketing plan. Business owners that want to utilize Social Media need to understand that if you don’t have the time to sit and engage with your fans, followers, you… Continue reading Social Media and Marketing

Two Things to Consider When Thinking about your Marketing Budget

It seems to us here as Siren Media Marketing that time and time again people want to skimp on their marketing budget. PEOPLE we cannot stress this enough. If you are going to chisel back on some money in your budget. Don’t do it in the Marketing Department. So let’s talk about 2 Marketing Paths.… Continue reading Two Things to Consider When Thinking about your Marketing Budget

1.1 Billion for 100 Million

At our Siren Media Marketing office we are always trying to explain to new business owners, start ups, etc. That Social Media is big marketing tool and can be helpful in their marketing plan Maybe that is why we find ourselves constantly explaining that you have to pay to play. Big business seems to know. If this isn’t… Continue reading 1.1 Billion for 100 Million

Danny Brown’s 52 cool Social Media Facts.

Here is a fun article from Danny Brown. In July 2010, I wrote a post called “52 Cool Facts About Social Media.” I wanted to look at some of the mind-boggling and truly impressive numbers.I also wanted to offer a fun fact for every week of the year, for anyone playing social media trivia games.… Continue reading Danny Brown’s 52 cool Social Media Facts.