Social Media and Marketing

Social Media is a dynamic form of marketing. We at Siren Media Marketing are constantly educating our clients on the role Social Media can play in a marketing plan. Business owners that want to utilize Social Media need to understand that if you don’t have the time to sit and engage with your fans, followers, you… Continue reading Social Media and Marketing

Top 3 Ways to Get Yourself More Pinterest Followers

Pinterest application for business is still a bit of a mystery to some so we put together the top 3 best ways to get yourself more traffic and attention. 1. If you are not already on Facebook get yourself a business page now, then the next logical social media account would be Twitter. Link it… Continue reading Top 3 Ways to Get Yourself More Pinterest Followers

Fancy that

What is Fancy ?   Looking for something a little different ?  Have you heard of Fancy ? Here at Siren Media Marketing we come across a lot of  new developments in Social Media Marketing. While doing research, we found some similar sites attempting to rival Pinterest. You had to know there would be competition. The one that… Continue reading Fancy that

5 Steps to market video on Pinterest

Marketing on Pinterest? Are you using Video? Are you using video on Pinterest to Market your Product, Service or Brand?  Have you thought about how to incorporate your business on Pinterest ? By now you must have heard of or know who and what Pinterest is; Number Three in Social Marketing Tools and growing. Pinterest is known… Continue reading 5 Steps to market video on Pinterest